This is a Fan Site

Please note that “USA Magicians” is an unofficial fan publication and as such is not in any way intended to be for marketing or money making purposes. It was created so magicians could blog about otherĀ  magicians. Or even just recognize the incredible accomplishments some magicians have contributed to the art.

Write a Post!

If you are a magician and would like to write a blog post about another magician, please contact us. First and foremost this website is a fan site for celebrating some of the top talent in the business.

Who’s in the Photo?

Top row left to right: Eric Jones, Criss Angel, David Copperfield, Joseph Dunninger and Dorothy Dietrich. Middle row left to right: Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, David Copperfield, Alexander Herrmann and Lance Burton. Bottom left to right: Eric Chien, Phil Goldstein, Adelaide Herrmann, David Blaine and Teller. Who is your “fave” of the 15? As you have probably noticed, some of those in the pictures have thriving magic careers while others as no longer with us. Winning the “Houdini” is a symbolic gesture.