The Process of Becoming Well Known as a Magician has Changed Drastically Since the Days of Kellar

Magicians, just like in any profession, can be purists. Those who want to stay focused on the “ART of Magic” without being motivated by the attainment of monetary success.

You may have heard that before, very possibly when reading an interview of someone who is, well, famous. Think about it, they are well known but are voicing with disdain anyone who does what they do for profit. They in turn, give a thumb up for creativity.

You likely caught the irony here. They do what they do for art only and not for the money, yet they have made lots of the green stuff. Having had close encounters of a celebrity kind, I can tell you that celebrities often want to portray themselves as being motivated by art only, but rest assured, they know how to climb to fame and FORTUNE through the use of strategies.

As you may have heard, there are two kinds of strategies. “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself) and “Strategies DFY” (Done for You). And the METHOD HOW to get strategies is to go to METHOD HOW.

Here’s the thing. To become a professional magician and maybe even one day a famous one, you need to be both and entrepreneur and artist (Magician). And doing both is definitely possible, because as much as people draw a line between art and commerce, entrepreneurship is an art in and of itself, necessitating creative strategy after creative strategy.

And one of the amazing opportunities for professional magicians climbing the ladder to being a well known member of the USA Magicians club, more than just doing performances, you have access to incredible communication technology. And this, just like anything else, requires strategy,

But this does not mean you are a bad person for having strategies, it just has to do with the need for ever increasing resources, and this costs, well, money.

But having moolah in life does not mean from your point of view “me, me, me,” but instead, technology can also help move forward such help to society by being a spokesperson for causes you believe in.

The opportunities for performers are significant, and they’re worth pursuing, even if you haven’t pursued them before. In other words, it can be scary to push forward, but unless you do so you will not succeed with your goal to become a professional magician, and maybe even one day join the the exclusive club known as “USA Magicians.”