Overcoming the Obstacles Now Faced by USA Magicians

Being a Magician Today is Much More than Just Pulling Rabbits Out of Hats

USA magicians (including sleight of hand artists, illusionists, mentalists and so on) are doing their best to adapt to the new Zoom and Google Meet interactive culture that is restraining entertainers who traditionally performed for in-person audiences. Regardless of what the category is, each kind of conjuring has its own unique set of problems due to the challenges of the Pandemic.

The Prior Use of Up-Close Interactivity

Take for example sleight of hand artists. They are facing the reality of having to come up with a strategy to still receive a paycheck even though their audience members are now watching them digitally. Often the whole reason that a live event producer would hire a magician in the first place is because of the benefits it has of pleasing event goers. Event goers enjoy live magicians who roam through a crowd providing up close interactivity that enhances the level of amazement.

Fear of Being Perceived as Using Camera Tricks

Interaction would include tricks with spectators that involves magic happening in their hand such as vanishing a coin or multiplying sponge balls or a bevy of card effects that can no longer be done without direct contact. This category of magic is powerful because the person watching it is observing with direct contact. Seeing this kind of magic via video takes away from the viewer’s experience because of the suspicion that many have that camera tricks could be used thereby lessoning the impact.

Seeking Being Impactful and Believable

This possesses a significant hurdle for conjurers because they now face having to create magic presentations that make interactivity via Zoom or Google Meet be something of value to virtual event producers. So, what is the performer of today to do to justify charging a fee as well as seen as valuable in the eyes of those hiring entertainers for online happenings.

Enhancing Credibility

Or what about illusionists that in the nomenclatures of magicians stands for those who use large props such as sawing a person in half or producing a tiger or making someone float. The impact of these kinds of experiences when performed live is much more powerful than when watched on television. And in the past illusions seen on the home screen were often done in conjunction with having a live studio audience. This contributes to the credibility of the performance to those viewing from home because there is the implied belief that if others are seeing it live there is less likely to be camera tricks at work.

Mind Magic

And finally, mentalists. This breed of magicians also relies on the credibility provided with live performance. Again, things such as predictions, mind reading and mediumistic getting in touch with the deceased, ring truer with observers if it is done in person.

The Perils of Remote Engagement

We have painted a bleak picture for magicians trying to survive and get bookings in the current age of remote engagement. What is a sleight of hand artist (Close Up Magic), illusionist or mentalist to do to earn a living performing the art of magic? Thankfully, other sites that are a part of the Blog Coalition of nearly 60 blogs are also looking at trying to find a solution to the problem of magicians having a harder time prospering due to the technological constraints put upon them due to COVID-19 and its variants.

Yianni Stamas Talks About the Magic of Braille

Proud Magicians

USAmagicians.com takes great pride in the fact that today, January 4th, was recently established by the United Nations as being World Braille Day, which is day of recognizing those who are blind and and the difference they are making in society which includes blind magicians!

A Very Special Magician

One such conjuring contributor to society is Adam Jaslikowski known by his stage name which is “Justin Sight” and who is legally blind. Sight is a street magician in New York City and delights New Yorkers with his prestidigitation. Justin has likely pulled back a bit from his in-person performing because of the Pandemic, but is the subject of a new documentary made by filmmaker Sebastian Mlynarski called “Magic Man.”

The Origins of a Name

Today, January 4th, is now called World Braille Day internationally because it is Louis Braille’s birthday, the inventor who in the 1800s created braille. Braille is the system by which those who are blind are able to read!

Magicians and the Path of Magic Technology

Technology is an interesting development for conjurers. Now, with all that it offers, effects that were considered impossible only years ago can be implemented with the help of technology. This is a topic of much debate. But instead of jumping into that pit of fire, we instead are going to bring you another perspective of the electronic evolution. Following is an excerpt from an eBook that a fellow prestidigitator is writing about getting on your billionaire path. We hope you enjoy it:

“Which Side Will You Be On?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is as big a factor as believing in one’s self. Why? Because it is going to likely make the next batch of billionaires to come. Here’s the deal: artificial intelligence is going to replace jobs left and right. So which side of the game do you want to be on? The job seeker fallen or the pioneer who profits from advances in technology?

A Human Team?

We realize that not all of those getting on their billionaire path are going to want to take the tech snapshot, but it is important to realize some of the clues of what the brave new world will consist of. But given this, some business models will always necessitate the human involvement, the human team.

The Virus

As we write this, COVID-19 continues to grow. Most of us hope there is an eventual “cure” but in the moment we must embrace new ways of communicating such as video chat which has taken the world by storm. And inevitably there will be more different ways of communicating as we move forward.

You are in Charge

How are you doing on your path? We hope that this eBook has been helpful to you at least some of the way. When we began writing this, we were not entirely sure of some of the things that we learned along the way. In other words we have been learning along with you. We believe we should always be learning as painful as it can be. Your billionaire path is your own. Although at times you may seek input from others, ultimately you are in charge of your destiny.

Getting on Your Billionaire Path

As we part from you we offer you a simple concept that all those on the billionaire path seem to share. Do not be judgmental about yourself. Don’t let your inner voice be one of scolding you, of putting you down. We all experience this voice at one time or another and seem to have it from external sources when growing up. Want to get one your billionaire path? Then please, please, give yourself a break!

Best of luck to you. We believe in you and you should too!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blastoff! How to get on your billionaire path!”

Making a Contribution

Various Contributions

The selection of this years USA Magicians is much more than just a certain level of fame, they are nominated for “USA Magician of the Year” because of the contributions they have made with magic. This kind of contribution could include writing eBooks, inventing magic tricks and more.

And the Winner is…

The USA Magicians honor is bestowed on the winning on the start of the new year so that those receiving it can be the USA Magician of the Year for the span of an entire year.

Do You Know of This Years’ Nominees?

Your input helps a lot. Some of this year’s nominees are less known than others, but chances are that through this blog we will reach those of you who are familiar with the nominees.

Seeing the Light with Your Magic Marketing

If you want the light to shine on you as a magician, you’ll need to put in the effort. And then “Presto Change O” you’ll get a gig!

Ancient Greece Related Marketing

Chances are if you are like a lot of magicians you have tried often to market yourself but other than getting referrals, your other approaches have not worked out as well as you would like. Let’s let ancient Greece rock star Aristotle speak:

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

This quote was also used today by USA Go Digital and now is going to be used with the current “USA” site USA Magicians. The idea of this blog is to have it be for magicians, by magicians and I am the latest selection of a magician who is being entrusted with the honorable task of sharing with my fellow magicians some useful ideas.

  1. First off what makes you a better choice than other magicians for the specific venue you plan to contact.
  2. Make certain that your magician marketing materials specifically outline why you are a better choice for the kind of venue you are pursuing.
  3. Following within today’s email rules, maybe email your prospect first, and if you don’t hear anything for a week, potentially follow up with a phone call in which you mention you emailed. If prospect seems ready to hang up, let her/him know why you are a perfect fit for them.

Not the most fun approach to marketing your magic career but it “works if you work it!” And now you see the light!

USA Magicians Making a Difference

Our Wonderful Country

Many of us have heard the proclamation “US Make a Difference.” And as it turns out, magicians all over the country are heeding the call. Magicians of both parties have made it clear that they are serious about making a difference in our wonderful country.

Managed by a Magician

And “US Make a Difference” is much more than just an annual awards show that is continuing the important work of a prior show that was held in NYC for a decade. This entity is inclusive of the valuable work that people are doing all over the US including magicians. Why? Because as it turns out, “US Make a Difference” is being run by a magician!

Impact Your Community

But of course “US Make a Difference” is not just for conjurers. Those making magic in our country are from al works of life and parts of our stupendous country. Though, since this is an online blog for prestidigitators, we encourage all practitioners of legerdemain, to contact “US Make a Difference” and let the judges know of a finger flinger who is impacting her or his community in a positive.

Magic Day

Magicians have a long history of helping others. For example, on the day of Harry Houdini’s death which is October 31, 1926, many conjurers can be found performing in hospitals for kids and adults alike who would not otherwise be able to see such performances. October 31 is known as “Houdini Day” as seen here.

Yianni Stamas Says Magicians are Artists

More than Just Entertainers

Hi. My name is Yianni Stamas and I’m your guest blogger for today. Having been a “semi-pro” kid magician from age 8 to 18, I believe that magicians don’t get the respect they deserve. Specifically, conjurers  still don’t get their entitled recognition  for being artists. Yes, they are entertainers but magic is an art form like any other.

Magicians Wear the Hats of Various Art Forms

In fact, magic is a unique art form  in that it is actually several art forms in one. The magician is a director of her/his show. The magician is a  writer writing her/his act. The magician can be a dancer and choreographer depending on her/his performance style. Some magicians are composers and compose their own music for performance purposes. Magicians are actors playing the role of a magician. And that’s just the start!

My Journey

After being a magician many eons in the past, I started to get back into magic around 2 years ago by joining the most prestigious magician’s organization in the world in its first assembly (chapter) here in New York that used to be run by Houdini. It’s been a great 24 months including writing a magic book and briefly publishing it as well as performing original magic in a group magic show. But one of the great perks of being in my magic group is meeting some of the finest artists in magic today. True!

Big Hearts

Magicians tend to be people with big hearts who are misunderstood. Magicians often band together for important community projects. Many magicians I’ve met want to make a difference especially now in these challenging times. Please, the next time you see a magician perform, while watching ask yourself the question “Is magic an art form?”

Magicians More Than “Pick a card, any card”

Even Comics are Serious

Many of us have heard it. The phrase “Pick a card any card.” But magicians are so much more than that. Even those whose  performances consist of the same effects everyone else is using, are more than just the cliques. You see, magicians take the art of magic very seriously, even those who are comic magicians.

Always Self Improving

Why does someone become a magician? Yes it’s true, it can sometimes be because they need attention and thrive on the applause of audience. But even now that it is not possible to perform for audiences because of the Coronavirus, magicians continue to make themselves better.

Much More than a Card Trick

Tonight I have a virtual meeting via Zoom occurring with other magicians. One of the agendas for this evening is that members will share magic memorabilia with each other. Collecting memorabilia of other conjurers is something that many prestidigitators do because they have such reverence for their fellow performers. This is because of their love of the art. Magicians are more than “Pick a card, any card.”

USA Magicians are on Fire!

Things are Heating Up

It was only a little over a month ago that myself and other magicians met in person for our monthly meeting. That’s right IN PERSON. My goodness how times have changed since then. I retrospect it may not have been the safest thing to do, but it did mark the start of the tradition, due to the threat of the Coronavirus, of staying indoors. But what has not changed since then is that USA Magicians are on fire!

A Special Online Meeting

USA Magicians are doing really well. In fact, some of the magicians in the photo of magicians at the front of this website are regulars at the magic meetings we have. The most recent magic meeting we’ve had was done virtually where conjurers from all over the East Coast gathered online to speak to a magic guest who is a really famous prestidigitatot but shall remain unnamed at this point.

Cyber Gathering United

Approximately 60 magicians gathered online simultaneously to interact with each other and ask the well known magician questions. It was clear that being in lock-down did not diminish that passion that these purveyors of illusion have for their craft and art. Yes, USA Magicians are on fire!