A Little Known Pathway to Success for Magicians

The Process of Becoming Well Known as a Magician has Changed Drastically Since the Days of Kellar

Magicians, just like in any profession, can be purists. Those who want to stay focused on the “ART of Magic” without being motivated by the attainment of monetary success.

You may have heard that before, very possibly when reading an interview of someone who is, well, famous. Think about it, they are well known but are voicing with disdain anyone who does what they do for profit. They in turn, give a thumb up for creativity.

You likely caught the irony here. They do what they do for art only and not for the money, yet they have made lots of the green stuff. Having had close encounters of a celebrity kind, I can tell you that celebrities often want to portray themselves as being motivated by art only, but rest assured, they know how to climb to fame and FORTUNE through the use of strategies.

As you may have heard, there are two kinds of strategies. “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself) and “Strategies DFY” (Done for You). And the METHOD HOW to get strategies is to go to METHOD HOW.

Here’s the thing. To become a professional magician and maybe even one day a famous one, you need to be both and entrepreneur and artist (Magician). And doing both is definitely possible, because as much as people draw a line between art and commerce, entrepreneurship is an art in and of itself, necessitating creative strategy after creative strategy.

And one of the amazing opportunities for professional magicians climbing the ladder to being a well known member of the USA Magicians club, more than just doing performances, you have access to incredible communication technology. And this, just like anything else, requires strategy,

But this does not mean you are a bad person for having strategies, it just has to do with the need for ever increasing resources, and this costs, well, money.

But having moolah in life does not mean from your point of view “me, me, me,” but instead, technology can also help move forward such help to society by being a spokesperson for causes you believe in.

The opportunities for performers are significant, and they’re worth pursuing, even if you haven’t pursued them before. In other words, it can be scary to push forward, but unless you do so you will not succeed with your goal to become a professional magician, and maybe even one day join the the exclusive club known as “USA Magicians.”

What is the Difference Between Being a Magician and Being a Marketer?

Are magicians natural marketers? What is the relationship between magic entertainment and marketing? These are just a few of the questions we began to mull over recently. We tried to think of examples of magicians we know and whether or not they were good at marketing, and the answer was “Yes.”

In discussion, one reason for the magic and marketing intersection was that magic involves illusion and so does marketing. Though, when a magician performs you know it is just “tricks.” But with marketing the expectation is (hopefully) that claims are based in fact.

Though, as we all know, sometimes in commercials the truth gets stretched a bit. For example, in this era of watching movies on a video site, commercials are still served up, but often in such a manner that one can skip ads if they want. Or, after watching a bit you could have a choice as to pass or stay.

Sometimes the spots are big brands, but other times they can be along the lines of the old “As Seen on TV” promos. The internet promotions are clearly designed to be catchy with outrageous claims that what they are promoting is so amazing and effective that other companies (big brands sometimes) are fighting to keep it off the air.

In the end, it is pretty clear that theses are “way out there claims” but like the items you used to see promoted in the back of comic books, you know that the claims cannot be true. Yet, the part of us that wants to “believe,” sometimes will still make a purchase.

In the final analysis, magicians certainly have access to the tools of illusion, but most of them, make no claims to having real magic. Except of course with “psychics,” “fortune tellers,” and so on who often reach into the magician’s bag of tricks. But that is another story…

USA Magicians and Your Options for Employment or Entrepreneurial Undertakings Includes Being an eCommerce Magic Store Owner or Touring Magician

Goodbye to In-Person Magic Shops Which Was How Many of Today’s Older Magicians Got Their Start

The days of creating your friendly local magic store in a physical community location are for the most part over. Not that there are no longer physical stores offering legerdemain assistance to their neighborhoods, just that is especially challenging now to develop and create an in-person magic store in your neck of the woods.

Why is the Physical Location Magic Shop, well, Vanishing?

The change and transition of disappearing was already in motion Pre COVID. But the Pandemic certainly did not help, because people stayed indoors more. And even now as guidelines are moving toward having less restrictions, more in-person shopping is returning a bit, but as of this writing, things like inflation out of control is now helping physical store retail locations. Many people have gotten hooked on the ease of making and having delivered purchases online.

Do You have a Unique and Differentiating Magic Marketer Strategy?

So, for those magicians bitten by the bug of wanting to have their own magic store, it is probably a good idea to look at your eCommerce Magic Store Owner business model first. And just as any business should do, focus on establishing clearly, before even considering starting up in-person, your digital strategy and differentiation. You will need to be clear on your special angle, both in terms of branding and marketing of that branding. If you are not already receiving them, signing up to the newsletters of successful online magic stores will reveal how others are marketing themselves.

Example of a Current Marketing Strategy for USA Magicians

There are some USA Magicians who are both a MagicPreneur and Marketer Magician, using the almost daily email check in approach working toward generating trust. What is this strategy? It is working toward building interest by bringing in what essentially are testimonials featuring existing customers as well as established magicians. They are mentioned in the subject line of the email along with a quote from them voicing enthusiasm for the magic effect being promoted.

Using Testimonials from the Magic Community

This approach can have an impact on existing or future customers receiving the email. Sometimes the testimonial in the subject line will cause the recipient to open the email to learn more. Getting thumbs up from top conjurers, while offering unique and original magic effects for purchase, can be a strong competition for online success. The theory is that as the magic newsletter recipient potentially gets an ever-growing confidence in the entity sending them the emails, because it appears that customers and professional magicians are willing to be quoted for the emails their support of an effect as well as the eCommerce magic store.

Branding and Fulfillment Strategy

Sadly, if you do not have a unique and different products/services and marketing approach, statistically you are going to be avoiding the happy success you deserve. Some are succeeding both online and in-person, and for the most part these vendors are super clear on their branding and fulfillment strategy.

More on Differentiation in the Magic World

You own specific edge can include offering products not available anywhere else or a unique and powerful targeted niche. Point blank, some say the magic store is dying. This is likely true that the existence of the magic origin tale of current top magicians experienced, is the familiar premise of there being an old neighborhood store where the now famous prestidigitator is bitten by the conjuring bug by getting not only books and effects, but also have the important opportunity of watching and learning from professional magicians passing through town.

The Job of Being a Touring Magician

Clearly, the days of yore when magicians would have elaborate traveling shows that would go from town to town and city to city, to bring people live entertainment because of a then deficit for being entertained, unlike today with possibly too many options of streaming video paid experiences or even free online videos and such.

What Some Magic Producers are Doing

Some touring magic show producers, rather than having an illusion show with a single big-name magician, are creating performance experiences where magicians, often known better by magicians than the public, are packaged together. The draw theoretically being that if you go to such a live experience in-person, you are getting a better result for your entertainment dollar.

Now is Not Then Since, Poof, Another Transformation Has Occurred

Live shows with an edge were touring pre-COVID, but it is not as easy to do because it is not yet a big enough draw at the moment when it comes to the public and magic consumers.

Another Variation on the Touring Magician

Although the magicians making their living by performing on ships has dwindled due to COVID is making a gradual build-back, but as of this moment in time could face a heavy blow do to consumers experiencing inflation and cutting back on things like vacations on ships.

Best wishes for a magical outcome for our friends who are USA Magicians.

The Blogger from USA Magicians Responds to the the MagicPreneur Statement

Although David Devant was not a USA Magician, some called him “England’s Greatest Magician”

This Site is a Club for Fans of USA Magicians, and the Following Statement is from Fans to the MagicPreneur Blog

“Regardless of what was said in MagicPreneur on Friday, there is nothing wrong with magicians helping magicians. In fact, it is often collaboration that makes possible some of the most audience pleasing effects and illusions of all times. Although, magicians can go at it alone, and that is perfectly fine also.”

And Now USA Magicians Fans Wish to Help Other Aspiring Magicians Like Themselves with Some Marketing Tips

Transformational Marketing is possible. But there is a single key to open the door that many people miss. It is this one marketing concept and strategy that is not used enough, yet it can be a breakthrough for companies that harness its power.

Do You Know How the Magician did the “Magic?”

In fact, it is so simple to do that many, if they even think of something close to it, brush past it without giving a second glance. When a magician shows you a magic trick, do you immediately know how it was done.

USA Magicians and What We Can Learn from their Magic Shows

It is like USA Magicians and when they show an effect from their legerdemain repertoire. The secret is quite clear and out in the open, but it is the overanalyzing on the part of the spectators that keep them from seeing what is really going on. What we mean to say is that those you need can become partners by virtue of giving them what they need.

How, through Important Community Work, Will You Partner With?

We are of course talking about blogging partnerships through bringing on those with the same audience and interests of what you are doing. Here is how it works. If you already have a website that is aligned with the ideas and interests of the community you are trying to reach then you are all set, but if you can, and this can be done for no cost, develop a blog that is very much an entity that clearly shares the values of your dream list.

USA Magicians Learn to Make Magic with eCommerce

Pulling eCommerce out of Your Sleeve

USA Magicians from across our great country, have had to pull out of their sleeves new online income streams that generate magic for them. But for many, unless you could work out how to make the virtual magic show thing work for you, felt that they did not have a lot of options and went on unemployment.

Closing Out is Unemployment as a Means of Pulling Coins out of Thin Air

Yes, we all pay taxes and are entitled to help from the government, but for magicians who are creative souls, it is often not the best solution. Instead, dear USA Magicians, we here at are suggesting that you consider pulling an eCommerce store out of your hat. The reality is that most conjurers reading this blog post will not act on starting an online business. But in a sense, it makes things better for us maverick magicians. But how can an eCommerce store be a good fit for finger flingers? Hey, this is for all you artistic prestidigitators out there across America. Challenges are magical opportunities. Rather than just pulling a bouquet of flowers out of a silk, why not try some new sleight of hand? Our fiend Manhattan Magician was kind enough to get permission from his eBook author friends to show reveal to some of the mechanics and tips for starting an eCommerce store. Some of the ideas for making this work would be to write and offer eBooks about what it takes to be a magician. Or creating an online course about the 3 steps that Houdini apparently gave for what it takes to become a magician which were (1) Practice. (2) Practice. And (3) Practice. All I am saying to all of you incredibly talented USA Magicians out there is that if you can link large solid steel rings together, you can surely, poof, make eCommerce work for you.

Why do Some eCommerce Businesses Fail?

One of the top reasons that eCommerce businesses fail is because they do not have a product that stands up to the quality expectations of those who purchase it online. This is vital to get repeat customers. If they do not like what you sent them, they may not order from you again or even worse, demand returning it. Another reason that eCommerce stores tank is, like any business, they do not have good customer service. Even if you have a product for which there is extremely high demand and is not available anywhere, customer service is still important. Be the best you can be in every possible way. Other basic things for why some eCommerce stores go out of business is because they have cheap looking photographs for their products, and they use a platform that is complicated and confusing for the customer to go through which can kill a sale even as the customer is checking out. You need to make things easy and seamless for your customers. Other things that have contributed to online failures is that you have hidden fees or do not honor return policies or even that you were not crystal clear from the very beginning of exactly what type of person wants to purchase your products which can lead to major disasters such as paying for advertising that does not attract the kind of individual who is ready to buy what you are selling.

How do You Use Online Marketing for Your eCommerce Store?

Online marketing also known as digital marketing is always changing due to technological advances, changes in customer behavior, and more. Plus, to promote your eCommerce store can be quite costly and it may not even get you results. If you are just in the planning stages of your eCommerce store and are wondering how you are going to market it once it gets up and running. Do yourself a big favor that could literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars. The key here is to analyze the demand for the product you will be selling. If you will be making available a product that is in a highly competitive industry you are going to have to pay a lot for marketing. Whereas on the other hand if you will be making available a unique and highly desired product that is otherwise difficult to get making you one of the few sellers who can supply it, promotion is going to be a lot easier to do and likely will be less costly to promote. So, step one before you even begin to worry about your advertising, make certain that what you are bringing to market a product that essentially sells itself and for which, if possible, you own the copyright or trademark to encourage less imitators to compete with you. What it comes down to is what is the big difference about others of its kind? Why will yours be more likely than others to drive more sales? The next step is to know exactly the type of individual who desperately needs what you are selling. What is their lifestyle? What are their distinct and specific needs as it relates to your product? Then and only then should you even give a single thought to promoting. The next step is to know exactly how to reach your specific customer. Do they hang out somewhere specific online? How will you reach them with your offering? Maybe you can even figure out ways to not have to pay for marketing because you are able to get agreements with communities which your future customer hangs out. If you cannot come up with a free strategy, then when it comes to hiring a marketer interview many. Make certain you understand exactly what they are going to do for you that you cannot do yourself. Is their price to do this worth paying? Can you get someone less costly who is as good as they are and maybe even better? You should understand the specifics of the marketing strategy. Regarding each kind of promoting, email marketing, ads, publicity and so on is only worth paying for if you cannot do what is being offered, and financially it makes sense so that you can do a cost per customer analysis to see if what you are paying to get each customer makes sense to you.

Should I Take an eCommerce Course?

Educating yourself about what it takes to have a successful eCommerce store is indeed important, but before you jump into paying to take a course make certain it is worth your while. For example, is it being taught by someone who is in the same industry as you are and understands and will be explaining the specifics and techniques that you need to be learning for your online store? There are hundreds of thousands of online instructors out there who are selling very general courses on eCommerce. If you cannot find an online course about eCommerce that is not being taught specific to your industry, then it might make more sense to not pay for a course but rather do research on the web both through using search engines and free video sites. But again, you need to always make certain to try to initially find eCommerce information that is specific to your industry.

Overcoming the Obstacles Now Faced by USA Magicians

Being a Magician Today is Much More than Just Pulling Rabbits Out of Hats

USA magicians (including sleight of hand artists, illusionists, mentalists and so on) are doing their best to adapt to the new Zoom and Google Meet interactive culture that is restraining entertainers who traditionally performed for in-person audiences. Regardless of what the category is, each kind of conjuring has its own unique set of problems due to the challenges of the Pandemic.

The Prior Use of Up-Close Interactivity

Take for example sleight of hand artists. They are facing the reality of having to come up with a strategy to still receive a paycheck even though their audience members are now watching them digitally. Often the whole reason that a live event producer would hire a magician in the first place is because of the benefits it has of pleasing event goers. Event goers enjoy live magicians who roam through a crowd providing up close interactivity that enhances the level of amazement.

Fear of Being Perceived as Using Camera Tricks

Interaction would include tricks with spectators that involves magic happening in their hand such as vanishing a coin or multiplying sponge balls or a bevy of card effects that can no longer be done without direct contact. This category of magic is powerful because the person watching it is observing with direct contact. Seeing this kind of magic via video takes away from the viewer’s experience because of the suspicion that many have that camera tricks could be used thereby lessoning the impact.

Seeking Being Impactful and Believable

This possesses a significant hurdle for conjurers because they now face having to create magic presentations that make interactivity via Zoom or Google Meet be something of value to virtual event producers. So, what is the performer of today to do to justify charging a fee as well as seen as valuable in the eyes of those hiring entertainers for online happenings.

Enhancing Credibility

Or what about illusionists that in the nomenclatures of magicians stands for those who use large props such as sawing a person in half or producing a tiger or making someone float. The impact of these kinds of experiences when performed live is much more powerful than when watched on television. And in the past illusions seen on the home screen were often done in conjunction with having a live studio audience. This contributes to the credibility of the performance to those viewing from home because there is the implied belief that if others are seeing it live there is less likely to be camera tricks at work.

Mind Magic

And finally, mentalists. This breed of magicians also relies on the credibility provided with live performance. Again, things such as predictions, mind reading and mediumistic getting in touch with the deceased, ring truer with observers if it is done in person.

The Perils of Remote Engagement

We have painted a bleak picture for magicians trying to survive and get bookings in the current age of remote engagement. What is a sleight of hand artist (Close Up Magic), illusionist or mentalist to do to earn a living performing the art of magic? Thankfully, other sites that are a part of the Blog Coalition of nearly 60 blogs are also looking at trying to find a solution to the problem of magicians having a harder time prospering due to the technological constraints put upon them due to COVID-19 and its variants.

Yianni Stamas Talks About the Magic of Braille

Proud Magicians takes great pride in the fact that today, January 4th, was recently established by the United Nations as being World Braille Day, which is day of recognizing those who are blind and and the difference they are making in society which includes blind magicians!

A Very Special Magician

One such conjuring contributor to society is Adam Jaslikowski known by his stage name which is “Justin Sight” and who is legally blind. Sight is a street magician in New York City and delights New Yorkers with his prestidigitation. Justin has likely pulled back a bit from his in-person performing because of the Pandemic, but is the subject of a new documentary made by filmmaker Sebastian Mlynarski called “Magic Man.”

The Origins of a Name

Today, January 4th, is now called World Braille Day internationally because it is Louis Braille’s birthday, the inventor who in the 1800s created braille. Braille is the system by which those who are blind are able to read!

Magicians and the Path of Magic Technology

Technology is an interesting development for conjurers. Now, with all that it offers, effects that were considered impossible only years ago can be implemented with the help of technology. This is a topic of much debate. But instead of jumping into that pit of fire, we instead are going to bring you another perspective of the electronic evolution. Following is an excerpt from an eBook that a fellow prestidigitator is writing about getting on your billionaire path. We hope you enjoy it:

“Which Side Will You Be On?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is as big a factor as believing in one’s self. Why? Because it is going to likely make the next batch of billionaires to come. Here’s the deal: artificial intelligence is going to replace jobs left and right. So which side of the game do you want to be on? The job seeker fallen or the pioneer who profits from advances in technology?

A Human Team?

We realize that not all of those getting on their billionaire path are going to want to take the tech snapshot, but it is important to realize some of the clues of what the brave new world will consist of. But given this, some business models will always necessitate the human involvement, the human team.

The Virus

As we write this, COVID-19 continues to grow. Most of us hope there is an eventual “cure” but in the moment we must embrace new ways of communicating such as video chat which has taken the world by storm. And inevitably there will be more different ways of communicating as we move forward.

You are in Charge

How are you doing on your path? We hope that this eBook has been helpful to you at least some of the way. When we began writing this, we were not entirely sure of some of the things that we learned along the way. In other words we have been learning along with you. We believe we should always be learning as painful as it can be. Your billionaire path is your own. Although at times you may seek input from others, ultimately you are in charge of your destiny.

Getting on Your Billionaire Path

As we part from you we offer you a simple concept that all those on the billionaire path seem to share. Do not be judgmental about yourself. Don’t let your inner voice be one of scolding you, of putting you down. We all experience this voice at one time or another and seem to have it from external sources when growing up. Want to get one your billionaire path? Then please, please, give yourself a break!

Best of luck to you. We believe in you and you should too!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blastoff! How to get on your billionaire path!”

Making a Contribution

Various Contributions

The selection of this years USA Magicians is much more than just a certain level of fame, they are nominated for “USA Magician of the Year” because of the contributions they have made with magic. This kind of contribution could include writing eBooks, inventing magic tricks and more.

And the Winner is…

The USA Magicians honor is bestowed on the winning on the start of the new year so that those receiving it can be the USA Magician of the Year for the span of an entire year.

Do You Know of This Years’ Nominees?

Your input helps a lot. Some of this year’s nominees are less known than others, but chances are that through this blog we will reach those of you who are familiar with the nominees.

Seeing the Light with Your Magic Marketing

If you want the light to shine on you as a magician, you’ll need to put in the effort. And then “Presto Change O” you’ll get a gig!

Ancient Greece Related Marketing

Chances are if you are like a lot of magicians you have tried often to market yourself but other than getting referrals, your other approaches have not worked out as well as you would like. Let’s let ancient Greece rock star Aristotle speak:

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

This quote was also used today by USA Go Digital and now is going to be used with the current “USA” site USA Magicians. The idea of this blog is to have it be for magicians, by magicians and I am the latest selection of a magician who is being entrusted with the honorable task of sharing with my fellow magicians some useful ideas.

  1. First off what makes you a better choice than other magicians for the specific venue you plan to contact.
  2. Make certain that your magician marketing materials specifically outline why you are a better choice for the kind of venue you are pursuing.
  3. Following within today’s email rules, maybe email your prospect first, and if you don’t hear anything for a week, potentially follow up with a phone call in which you mention you emailed. If prospect seems ready to hang up, let her/him know why you are a perfect fit for them.

Not the most fun approach to marketing your magic career but it “works if you work it!” And now you see the light!