Magicians More Than “Pick a card, any card”

Even Comics are Serious

Many of us have heard it. The phrase “Pick a card any card.” But magicians are so much more than that. Even those whose¬† performances consist of the same effects everyone else is using, are more than just the cliques. You see, magicians take the art of magic very seriously, even those who are comic magicians.

Always Self Improving

Why does someone become a magician? Yes it’s true, it can sometimes be because they need attention and thrive on the applause of audience. But even now that it is not possible to perform for audiences because of the Coronavirus, magicians continue to make themselves better.

Much More than a Card Trick

Tonight I have a virtual meeting via Zoom occurring with other magicians. One of the agendas for this evening is that members will share magic memorabilia with each other. Collecting memorabilia of other conjurers is something that many prestidigitators do because they have such reverence for their fellow performers. This is because of their love of the art. Magicians are more than “Pick a card, any card.”

USA Magicians are on Fire!

Things are Heating Up

It was only a little over a month ago that myself and other magicians met in person for our monthly meeting. That’s right IN PERSON. My goodness how times have changed since then. I retrospect it may not have been the safest thing to do, but it did mark the start of the tradition, due to the threat of the Coronavirus, of staying indoors. But what has not changed since then is that USA Magicians are on fire!

A Special Online Meeting

USA Magicians are doing really well. In fact, some of the magicians in the photo of magicians at the front of this website are regulars at the magic meetings we have. The most recent magic meeting we’ve had was done virtually where conjurers from all over the East Coast gathered online to speak to a magic guest who is a really famous prestidigitatot but shall remain unnamed at this point.

Cyber Gathering United

Approximately 60 magicians gathered online simultaneously to interact with each other and ask the well known magician questions. It was clear that being in lock-down did not diminish that passion that these purveyors of illusion have for their craft and art. Yes, USA Magicians are on fire!