Making a Contribution

Various Contributions

The selection of this years USA Magicians is much more than just a certain level of fame, they are nominated for “USA Magician of the Year” because of the contributions they have made with magic. This kind of contribution could include writing eBooks, inventing magic tricks and more.

And the Winner is…

The USA Magicians honor is bestowed on the winning on the start of the new year so that those receiving it can be the USA Magician of the Year for the span of an entire year.

Do You Know of This Years’ Nominees?

Your input helps a lot. Some of this year’s nominees are less known than others, but chances are that through this blog we will reach those of you who are familiar with the nominees.

Yianni Stamas Says Magicians are Artists

More than Just Entertainers

Hi. My name is Yianni Stamas and I’m your guest blogger for today. Having been a “semi-pro” kid magician from age 8 to 18, I believe that magicians don’t get the respect they deserve. Specifically, conjurers  still don’t get their entitled recognition  for being artists. Yes, they are entertainers but magic is an art form like any other.

Magicians Wear the Hats of Various Art Forms

In fact, magic is a unique art form  in that it is actually several art forms in one. The magician is a director of her/his show. The magician is a  writer writing her/his act. The magician can be a dancer and choreographer depending on her/his performance style. Some magicians are composers and compose their own music for performance purposes. Magicians are actors playing the role of a magician. And that’s just the start!

My Journey

After being a magician many eons in the past, I started to get back into magic around 2 years ago by joining the most prestigious magician’s organization in the world in its first assembly (chapter) here in New York that used to be run by Houdini. It’s been a great 24 months including writing a magic book and briefly publishing it as well as performing original magic in a group magic show. But one of the great perks of being in my magic group is meeting some of the finest artists in magic today. True!

Big Hearts

Magicians tend to be people with big hearts who are misunderstood. Magicians often band together for important community projects. Many magicians I’ve met want to make a difference especially now in these challenging times. Please, the next time you see a magician perform, while watching ask yourself the question “Is magic an art form?”