Promoting Your Magic

Seeing the Light with Your Magic Marketing

If you want the light to shine on you as a magician, you’ll need to put in the effort. And then “Presto Change O” you’ll get a gig!

Ancient Greece Related Marketing

Chances are if you are like a lot of magicians you have tried often to market yourself but other than getting referrals, your other approaches have not worked out as well as you would like. Let’s let ancient Greece rock star Aristotle speak:

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

This quote was also used today by USA Go Digital and now is going to be used with the current “USA” site USA Magicians. The idea of this blog is to have it be for magicians, by magicians and I am the latest selection of a magician who is being entrusted with the honorable task of sharing with my fellow magicians some useful ideas.

  1. First off what makes you a better choice than other magicians for the specific venue you plan to contact.
  2. Make certain that your magician marketing materials specifically outline why you are a better choice for the kind of venue you are pursuing.
  3. Following within today’s email rules, maybe email your prospect first, and if you don’t hear anything for a week, potentially follow up with a phone call in which you mention you emailed. If prospect seems ready to hang up, let her/him know why you are a perfect fit for them.

Not the most fun approach to marketing your magic career but it “works if you work it!” And now you see the light!