Collaborating for the AI Do Good Initiative

USA Magicians and USA Make a Difference In a recent thought-provoking dialogue, representatives of USA Magicians had the opportunity to engage with those at the helm of USA Make a Difference. The central focus of the discussion was exploring how magicians could play a role in the AI Do Good Initiative, a progressive project launched […]

Yianni Stamas Talks About the Magic of Braille

Proud Magicians takes great pride in the fact that today, January 4th, was recently established by the United Nations as being World Braille Day, which is day of recognizing those who are blind and and the difference they are making in society which includes blind magicians! A Very Special Magician One such conjuring contributor […]

USA Magicians Making a Difference

Our Wonderful Country Many of us have heard the proclamation “US Make a Difference.” And as it turns out, magicians all over the country are heeding the call. Magicians of all parties have made it clear that they are serious about making a difference in our wonderful country. Impact Your Community But of course “US […]