The play that is a work-in-progress and is about halfway through the first rough draft, in some ways got it’s start with the eight or so magic category website zines of a created collection in seven different industries now totaling around sixty online publications. The categorizes include the arts, small business, education, theater, entertainment magic and movies.

The seven industries are often explored in conjunction with the Celebrity Strategy movement, the roots of which date back 1980 in Hollywood at a movie studio.

The website zine called USA Magicians has at times documented magic events of a well known conjurer’s membership organization. Other of the magic publications had a specific relationship with the world of legerdemain. For example one of them was connected to the use of technology in the magician’s toolkit, such as AI.

The writing and researching for this magic corner of the Website Zine collection of sites inspired aspects what has led to the writing of Superstar Magician.