Technology is an interesting development for conjurers. Now, with all that it offers, effects that were considered impossible only years ago can be implemented with the help of technology. This is a topic of much debate. But instead of jumping into that pit of fire, we instead are going to bring you another perspective of the electronic evolution. Following is an excerpt from an eBook that a fellow prestidigitator is writing about getting on your billionaire path. We hope you enjoy it:

“Which Side Will You Be On?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is as big a factor as believing in one’s self. Why? Because it is going to likely make the next batch of billionaires to come. Here’s the deal: artificial intelligence is going to replace jobs left and right. So which side of the game do you want to be on? The job seeker fallen or the pioneer who profits from advances in technology?

A Human Team?

We realize that not all of those getting on their billionaire path are going to want to take the tech snapshot, but it is important to realize some of the clues of what the brave new world will consist of. But given this, some business models will always necessitate the human involvement, the human team.

The Virus

As we write this, COVID-19 continues to grow. Most of us hope there is an eventual “cure” but in the moment we must embrace new ways of communicating such as video chat which has taken the world by storm. And inevitably there will be more different ways of communicating as we move forward.

You are in Charge

How are you doing on your path? We hope that this eBook has been helpful to you at least some of the way. When we began writing this, we were not entirely sure of some of the things that we learned along the way. In other words we have been learning along with you. We believe we should always be learning as painful as it can be. Your billionaire path is your own. Although at times you may seek input from others, ultimately you are in charge of your destiny.

Getting on Your Billionaire Path

As we part from you we offer you a simple concept that all those on the billionaire path seem to share. Do not be judgmental about yourself. Don’t let your inner voice be one of scolding you, of putting you down. We all experience this voice at one time or another and seem to have it from external sources when growing up. Want to get one your billionaire path? Then please, please, give yourself a break!

Best of luck to you. We believe in you and you should too!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blastoff! How to get on your billionaire path!”