Goodbye to In-Person Magic Shops Which Was How Many of Today’s Older Magicians Got Their Start

The days of creating your friendly local magic store in a physical community location are for the most part over. Not that there are no longer physical stores offering legerdemain assistance to their neighborhoods, just that is especially challenging now to develop and create an in-person magic store in your neck of the woods.

Why is the Physical Location Magic Shop, well, Vanishing?

The change and transition of disappearing was already in motion Pre COVID. But the Pandemic certainly did not help, because people stayed indoors more. And even now as guidelines are moving toward having less restrictions, more in-person shopping is returning a bit, but as of this writing, things like inflation out of control is now helping physical store retail locations. Many people have gotten hooked on the ease of making and having delivered purchases online.

Do You have a Unique and Differentiating Magic Marketer Strategy?

So, for those magicians bitten by the bug of wanting to have their own magic store, it is probably a good idea to look at your eCommerce Magic Store Owner business model first. And just as any business should do, focus on establishing clearly, before even considering starting up in-person, your digital strategy and differentiation. You will need to be clear on your special angle, both in terms of branding and marketing of that branding. If you are not already receiving them, signing up to the newsletters of successful online magic stores will reveal how others are marketing themselves.

Example of a Current Marketing Strategy for USA Magicians

There are some USA Magicians who are both a MagicPreneur and Marketer Magician, using the almost daily email check in approach working toward generating trust. What is this strategy? It is working toward building interest by bringing in what essentially are testimonials featuring existing customers as well as established magicians. They are mentioned in the subject line of the email along with a quote from them voicing enthusiasm for the magic effect being promoted.

Using Testimonials from the Magic Community

This approach can have an impact on existing or future customers receiving the email. Sometimes the testimonial in the subject line will cause the recipient to open the email to learn more. Getting thumbs up from top conjurers, while offering unique and original magic effects for purchase, can be a strong competition for online success. The theory is that as the magic newsletter recipient potentially gets an ever-growing confidence in the entity sending them the emails, because it appears that customers and professional magicians are willing to be quoted for the emails their support of an effect as well as the eCommerce magic store.

Branding and Fulfillment Strategy

Sadly, if you do not have a unique and different products/services and marketing approach, statistically you are going to be avoiding the happy success you deserve. Some are succeeding both online and in-person, and for the most part these vendors are super clear on their branding and fulfillment strategy.

More on Differentiation in the Magic World

You own specific edge can include offering products not available anywhere else or a unique and powerful targeted niche. Point blank, some say the magic store is dying. This is likely true that the existence of the magic origin tale of current top magicians experienced, is the familiar premise of there being an old neighborhood store where the now famous prestidigitator is bitten by the conjuring bug by getting not only books and effects, but also have the important opportunity of watching and learning from professional magicians passing through town.

The Job of Being a Touring Magician

Clearly, the days of yore when magicians would have elaborate traveling shows that would go from town to town and city to city, to bring people live entertainment because of a then deficit for being entertained, unlike today with possibly too many options of streaming video paid experiences or even free online videos and such.

What Some Magic Producers are Doing

Some touring magic show producers, rather than having an illusion show with a single big-name magician, are creating performance experiences where magicians, often known better by magicians than the public, are packaged together. The draw theoretically being that if you go to such a live experience in-person, you are getting a better result for your entertainment dollar.

Now is Not Then Since, Poof, Another Transformation Has Occurred

Live shows with an edge were touring pre-COVID, but it is not as easy to do because it is not yet a big enough draw at the moment when it comes to the public and magic consumers.

Another Variation on the Touring Magician

Although the magicians making their living by performing on ships has dwindled due to COVID is making a gradual build-back, but as of this moment in time could face a heavy blow do to consumers experiencing inflation and cutting back on things like vacations on ships.

Best wishes for a magical outcome for our friends who are USA Magicians.