Pulling eCommerce out of Your Sleeve

USA Magicians from across our great country, have had to pull out of their sleeves new online income streams that generate magic for them. But for many, unless you could work out how to make the virtual magic show thing work for you, felt that they did not have a lot of options and went on unemployment.

Closing Out is Unemployment as a Means of Pulling Coins out of Thin Air

Yes, we all pay taxes and are entitled to help from the government, but for magicians who are creative souls, it is often not the best solution. Instead, dear USA Magicians, we here at USAMagicians.com are suggesting that you consider pulling an eCommerce store out of your hat. The reality is that most conjurers reading this blog post will not act on starting an online business. But in a sense, it makes things better for us maverick magicians. But how can an eCommerce store be a good fit for finger flingers? Hey, this is for all you artistic prestidigitators out there across America. Challenges are magical opportunities. Rather than just pulling a bouquet of flowers out of a silk, why not try some new sleight of hand? Our fiend Manhattan Magician was kind enough to get permission from his eBook author friends to show reveal to some of the mechanics and tips for starting an eCommerce store. Some of the ideas for making this work would be to write and offer eBooks about what it takes to be a magician. Or creating an online course about the 3 steps that Houdini apparently gave for what it takes to become a magician which were (1) Practice. (2) Practice. And (3) Practice. All I am saying to all of you incredibly talented USA Magicians out there is that if you can link large solid steel rings together, you can surely, poof, make eCommerce work for you.

Why do Some eCommerce Businesses Fail?

One of the top reasons that eCommerce businesses fail is because they do not have a product that stands up to the quality expectations of those who purchase it online. This is vital to get repeat customers. If they do not like what you sent them, they may not order from you again or even worse, demand returning it. Another reason that eCommerce stores tank is, like any business, they do not have good customer service. Even if you have a product for which there is extremely high demand and is not available anywhere, customer service is still important. Be the best you can be in every possible way. Other basic things for why some eCommerce stores go out of business is because they have cheap looking photographs for their products, and they use a platform that is complicated and confusing for the customer to go through which can kill a sale even as the customer is checking out. You need to make things easy and seamless for your customers. Other things that have contributed to online failures is that you have hidden fees or do not honor return policies or even that you were not crystal clear from the very beginning of exactly what type of person wants to purchase your products which can lead to major disasters such as paying for advertising that does not attract the kind of individual who is ready to buy what you are selling.

How do You Use Online Marketing for Your eCommerce Store?

Online marketing also known as digital marketing is always changing due to technological advances, changes in customer behavior, and more. Plus, to promote your eCommerce store can be quite costly and it may not even get you results. If you are just in the planning stages of your eCommerce store and are wondering how you are going to market it once it gets up and running. Do yourself a big favor that could literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars. The key here is to analyze the demand for the product you will be selling. If you will be making available a product that is in a highly competitive industry you are going to have to pay a lot for marketing. Whereas on the other hand if you will be making available a unique and highly desired product that is otherwise difficult to get making you one of the few sellers who can supply it, promotion is going to be a lot easier to do and likely will be less costly to promote. So, step one before you even begin to worry about your advertising, make certain that what you are bringing to market a product that essentially sells itself and for which, if possible, you own the copyright or trademark to encourage less imitators to compete with you. What it comes down to is what is the big difference about others of its kind? Why will yours be more likely than others to drive more sales? The next step is to know exactly the type of individual who desperately needs what you are selling. What is their lifestyle? What are their distinct and specific needs as it relates to your product? Then and only then should you even give a single thought to promoting. The next step is to know exactly how to reach your specific customer. Do they hang out somewhere specific online? How will you reach them with your offering? Maybe you can even figure out ways to not have to pay for marketing because you are able to get agreements with communities which your future customer hangs out. If you cannot come up with a free strategy, then when it comes to hiring a marketer interview many. Make certain you understand exactly what they are going to do for you that you cannot do yourself. Is their price to do this worth paying? Can you get someone less costly who is as good as they are and maybe even better? You should understand the specifics of the marketing strategy. Regarding each kind of promoting, email marketing, ads, publicity and so on is only worth paying for if you cannot do what is being offered, and financially it makes sense so that you can do a cost per customer analysis to see if what you are paying to get each customer makes sense to you.

Should I Take an eCommerce Course?

Educating yourself about what it takes to have a successful eCommerce store is indeed important, but before you jump into paying to take a course make certain it is worth your while. For example, is it being taught by someone who is in the same industry as you are and understands and will be explaining the specifics and techniques that you need to be learning for your online store? There are hundreds of thousands of online instructors out there who are selling very general courses on eCommerce. If you cannot find an online course about eCommerce that is not being taught specific to your industry, then it might make more sense to not pay for a course but rather do research on the web both through using search engines and free video sites. But again, you need to always make certain to try to initially find eCommerce information that is specific to your industry.