USA Magicians Making a Difference

Our Wonderful Country

Many of us have heard the proclamation “US Make a Difference.” And as it turns out, magicians all over the country are heeding the call. Magicians of both parties have made it clear that they are serious about making a difference in our wonderful country.

Managed by a Magician

And “US Make a Difference” is much more than just an annual awards show that is continuing the important work of a prior show that was held in NYC for a decade. This entity is inclusive of the valuable work that people are doing all over the US including magicians. Why? Because as it turns out, “US Make a Difference” is being run by a magician!

Impact Your Community

But of course “US Make a Difference” is not just for conjurers. Those making magic in our country are from al works of life and parts of our stupendous country. Though, since this is an online blog for prestidigitators, we encourage all practitioners of legerdemain, to contact “US Make a Difference” and let the judges know of a finger flinger who is impacting her or his community in a positive.

Magic Day

Magicians have a long history of helping others. For example, on the day of Harry Houdini’s death which is October 31, 1926, many conjurers can be found performing in hospitals for kids and adults alike who would not otherwise be able to see such performances. October 31 is known as “Houdini Day” as seen here.