Are magicians natural marketers? What is the relationship between magic entertainment and marketing? These are just a few of the questions we began to mull over recently. We tried to think of examples of magicians we know and whether or not they were good at marketing, and the answer was “Yes.”

In discussion, one reason for the magic and marketing intersection was that magic involves illusion and so does marketing. Though, when a magician performs you know it is just “tricks.” But with marketing the expectation is (hopefully) that claims are based in fact.

Though, as we all know, sometimes in commercials the truth gets stretched a bit. For example, in this era of watching movies on a video site, commercials are still served up, but often in such a manner that one can skip ads if they want. Or, after watching a bit you could have a choice as to pass or stay.

Sometimes the spots are big brands, but other times they can be along the lines of the old “As Seen on TV” promos. The internet promotions are clearly designed to be catchy with outrageous claims that what they are promoting is so amazing and effective that other companies (big brands sometimes) are fighting to keep it off the air.

In the end, it is pretty clear that theses are “way out there claims” but like the items you used to see promoted in the back of comic books, you know that the claims cannot be true. Yet, the part of us that wants to “believe,” sometimes will still make a purchase.

In the final analysis, magicians certainly have access to the tools of illusion, but most of them, make no claims to having real magic. Except of course with “psychics,” “fortune tellers,” and so on who often reach into the magician’s bag of tricks. But that is another story…